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In the brief period of time since Port Cities unleashed their incendiary debut—a wildly self-assured collection of sparkling, rootsy pop that showcases the Nova Scotia trio’s devotion to songwriting—the band’s been hard at work bringing it to the masses. They’ve continued to explore and evolve their ambitious pop sound, melding diverse musical backgrounds to create an alchemy that’s part art, part songwriting science, and all magic: the nimble dynamism of Breagh MacKinnon’s smoky, jazz-indebted delivery, Dylan Guthro’s simmering and soulful R&B swagger, and Carleton Stone’s razor-sharp, romantic rock ‘n’ roll. In 2018, that memory-making mix of unforgettable melodies, high-flying harmonies, and electrifying heart on Port Cities is set to reach audiences worldwide.

It’s a chemistry that’s been perfected during the 100+ dates they’ve toured in the past year, in hotel rooms and songwriter circles, in vans rolling through foreign countries to rowdy pubs, and on the fog-bound shores of Canada’s misty east coast. It’s helped lead the band to numerous accolades, including a whopping five Nova Scotia Music Awards, a SOCAN #1 Award (for “Back to the Bottom”), and stints at #1 on CBC and Spotify charts. Port Cities has amassed over 2.3 million streams internationally, showcased at The Great Escape, Focus Wales, Reeperbahn Festival, and has toured in the UK and Germany.

Beyond Port Cities’ deep devotion to their craft, their success is largely built on a simple but timeless approach: a good song is a good song is a good song. Whether it’s awash with synthesizer (“Sound of Your Voice”), pumped up with an overdriven crunch (“Where Have You Been”), or stripped down to the bare essentials with just an acoustic guitar and three voices. No matter what music the melody might call for, the best song always wins.

Video Back to the bottom

Voted The Coast “Best of Halifax” – Best Folk Artist/Band (Gold)
Voted The Coast “Best of Halifax” – Best Pop Artist/Band (Silver)
Music Nova Scotia Award Nomination – Digital Artist of the Year
ECMA Award Nomination – Pop Recording of the Year – Port Cities, Port Cities
ECMA Award Nomination – Song of the Year – Port Cities, “Back To The Bottom”
ECMA Award Nomination – Fans’ Choice Entertainer of the Year – Port Cities
CBC Radio 2 2017 Charts Most Online Votes – #14 “In The Dark”
CBC Radio 2 2017 Charts #1 songs of 2017 – #14 “Back to the Bottom”
Music Nova Scotia Award Winner Best Album – “Port Cities”
Music Nova Scotia Award Winner Best Group Album – “Port Cities”
Music Nova Scotia Award Winner Best Pop Album – “Port Cities”
Music Nova Scotia Award Winner Entertainer of the Year
Music Nova Scotia Award Winner Digital Artist of the Year
SOCAN #1 Award – Back to the Bottom
#1 CBC Radio Top 20 (February 23, 2017) – Back to the Bottom
#1 Spotify Canada “Viral 50” Chart – Back to the Bottom
Voted The Coast “Best of Halifax” – Best Music Video – “Astronaut” (Gold)
Voted The Coast “Best of Halifax” – Best Artist / Band Most Likely To Make It Big (Silver)
Voted The Coast “Best of Halifax” – Best Pop Artist/Band (Silver)
Casino Nova Scotia Artist In Residence 2016 Winners

Video On The Nights You Stay Home

“A mix of east coast culture and indie flare. Each song on their self-titled debut is an individual masterpiece” - Canadian Beats

“Port Cities lays out a stunning performance with unapologetically honest lyrics, smooth three-part harmonies, and slick production” - The East

“A beautiful blend of harmonies incorporated into dazzling riffs that keep you tuned in track after track” - KJHK 90.7FM

“Their connection and awareness of one another can be heard in their songs, woven into balanced harmonies and delicate timing”- The Coast

“While it pushes fierce guitars, swelling synths and infectious beats to the forefront, the album never loses its focus on songcraft and its undercurrent of folk tradition”- Exclaim!

"‘Where Have You Been?’ blends the impassioned, silky smooth vocals of Breagh MacKinnon with lilting, folk-inspired melodies and luscious harmonies, resulting in an utterly charming slice of Americana-tinged pop. Oozing a sweeping, emotion-strewn power, it’s an alluring, musically rich ballad; a real treat for the ears." - Gigslutz


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