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By Randal Wark, Montreal Rocks

There is a scene in a movie called Hearts Beat Loud where Nick Offerman hears the song he created with his daughter in the neighbourhood café. He bursts with excitement as he tries to tell everyone that this is his band. It’s a cute moment, and I felt the same way, the day after interviewing Port Cities when I heard “Montreal” play on the radio while at my client’s establishment. “I just interviewed them!”

It doesn’t surprise me, the song is catchy from the get go and who doesn’t love a song about Montreal, when you are in Montreal!

Before reading the interview, listen to the song. We will speak about the actual house party that inspired the song, what song you learn when you are given a guitar at 4 years old and techniques to capture the audience at your next gig.

Montreal Rocks: Where are we calling from today?

Breagh: We’re calling from Dylan’s home studio, just outside of Halifax in Hammonds Plains.

MR: I’ve been to Halifax twice and I loved it. The city with the nicest and friendliest people in Canada, I would assume.

Right: That’s nice.

MR: So you guys are coming to Montreal soon.

Right: Yes. Friday February 8th.

MR: At La Vitrola (4602 Boul. St-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2T 1R3)

Carleton: I’m glad you pronounced it, so we didn’t have to. (laughs)

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