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St. Albert Gazette: Port Cities navigates their ship to St. Albert’s harbour

Port Cities is back with their pop-folk blend, stage charm and East Coast stories.

By Anna Browiecki, St. Albert Gazette

Port Cities was relatively unknown to St. Albert until they opened for Rose Cousins on St. Patrick’s Day of this year at the Arden Theatre.

From the first chords of their three-part harmonies to the last note, Carleton Stone, Breagh MacKinnon and Dylan Guthro blew the audience away earning a standing ovation – a laurel usually saved for the top bill.

Due to audience demand, the folk-pop ensemble returns to the Arden on Oct. 18 as part of larger western tour.

“That (March 17) was one of the best shows of our tour,” said Stone. When you only have a 25-minute set and you get a standing ovation, that’s exciting. And we’re excited to be coming back.”

The East Cost trio released their self-titled debut album in February with the blessing of Warner Music Canada. Fans and critics across the spectrum gave it the thumbs up.

One of many buoyant voices, reviewer Taryn McElheran from Canadian Beats wrote,”They have a unique sound without being abstract, yet also have a comforting sound that reminds you of your own experiences in life. It’s an album that will keep you dancing on your feet and swaying to the sounds that come from this talented trio.”

The eclectic album was applauded for its intelligent, well-crafted lyrics and original sounds that individualized each track, yet formed a complete vision.

Taking advantage of the album’s momentum, Port Cities spent the last six months playing festival circuits, touring Germany and England, and writing songs for a sophomore CD. [READ MORE]